A work in progress, collecting metaphysical approaches to becoming the weight your spirit was meant to be!
  • START with by making connections with others
  • VISION: Set your weight loss intention, use law of attraction, maintain your motivation
  • SOUL FOOD: Replace dieting and negative food behaviors with focus on spiritually inspired nutrition
  • POSITIVE: Change your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • RELEASE: Release shadow of toxic / negatives beliefs and self-talk
  • HEAL: heal your food allergies, food and sugar addiction and emotional trauma
  • RISE UP: Raise the quality and vibration of the food you eat
  • MOVE: Start Exercising, connect your Body, Mind, Spirit
  • LIGHT BODY: Remember you are a light body.
  • PRACTICE: Spiritual practices, therapies, groups and techniques that support your growth
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express

Dr. Z's Weight Loss Express - The Solution
  • Elimination of carbohydrates for a certain period of time.
  • Liquid high quality hypo-allergenic protein diet 1-2 weeks without any solid foods
  • Protein is digested more slowly and consequently does not cause spikes and continuous high levels in blood sugar levels.
  • This will totally avoid the typical insulin response. The food-hunger-food cycle is effectively interrupted.
  • The role of insulin as a storage hormone is eliminated or largely reduced
  • No excess carbohydrates have to be stored as fat. You won't gain further weight.
  • No hunger is experienced after the first couple of days
  • No stress hormones are produced in response to this diet
  • No protein breakdown occurs, muscles and heart are spared
  • Additional energy requirements are met by breaking down fat deposits. You will lose weight!
  • Regular physical activity is vital for health and weight loss
  • Muscles require energy for exercise.
  • With a high protein diet this energy comes from the breakdown of fat deposits. You will lose weight!
  • There is evidence that metabolism actually increases with a high protein diet, because more of thyroid hormone T4 is converted to T3. This of course will lead to increased use of fat stores to meet energy requirements. You will lose weight!
  • This high protein diet will lower cholesterol and spare the pancreas
  • This will reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes.

      Normal digestive function is mandatory for this diet to work. If you experience any digestive stress of any kind we recommend the following digestive support:
      1. Betaine-HCL & Pepsin(to initiate protein digestion)
      2. Dipan-9 (pancreatic enzymes for protein, fat and carbhydrate digestion)
      Vitamin and mineral supplementation is essential to make up for empty foods. Our protein powder Medipro contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.
      For anti-oxidant protection from free radical damage we recommend that you always (during the diet and after) take extra dosages of
      • vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
      • vitamin E

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