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  • START with by making connections with others
  • VISION: Set your weight loss intention, use law of attraction, maintain your motivation
  • SOUL FOOD: Replace dieting and negative food behaviors with focus on spiritually inspired nutrition
  • POSITIVE: Change your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • RELEASE: Release shadow of toxic / negatives beliefs and self-talk
  • HEAL: heal your food allergies, food and sugar addiction and emotional trauma
  • RISE UP: Raise the quality and vibration of the food you eat
  • MOVE: Start Exercising, connect your Body, Mind, Spirit
  • LIGHT BODY: Remember you are a light body.
  • PRACTICE: Spiritual practices, therapies, groups and techniques that support your growth
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Reiki for Weight Loss

"Reiki can stabilize your appetite and make you more aware of your body's nutritional needs. It can help you to make healthier choices and also to remove unhealthy cravings. After only several sessions of Reiki you might completely change the way you feed your body. It can help with the will-power too. Reiki can help tune the organs up so that they better process the food. It can help take the stress out of making the needed changes. To lose weight you will have to adopt a healthier more active lifestyle, there is no way around that. But Reiki can be a wonderful support for you while you do what you need to do."  http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/reiki-and-weight-loss.html

"Reiki is thought to help promote weight loss by promoting a sense of overall wellness, a healthier body, and a more restful mind. The process brings about a feeling of calm, and promotes a deep relaxation throughout the entire body. Patients often report lower blood pressure levels, much lower stress levels, relief from tension, and better, deeper sleep. All of these qualities have been shown to help assist with weight loss." http://www.insideyourdiet.com/319/can-i-use-reiki-for-weight-loss/

"When your body holds onto unhealthy weight, it often reflects stale or excess energy that you no longer need to carry with you. Using a few simple reiki healing techniques, you can clear the two chakras or energy centers that relate to overeating and emotional baggage...

Each chakra is responsible for a particular set of bodily functions. It also carries an emotional signature. The sacral chakra--also called the spleen chakra--resides just below the belly button on the lower abdomen. This area governs feelings, social relationships and intimacy, according to ChakraEnergy.com. An imbalance in this chakra might lead to disordered eating. The solar plexus chakra, which sits at the base of the sternum, is related to issues of willpower. Using reiki to treat the sacral and solar plexus chakras can help your weight loss efforts.

Write your name and "healthy weight loss" or "food" on a piece of paper. If you're a practitioner, use reiki to infuse the paper--and your intentions--with energy regularly, but especially before meals. If you're a client, ask your practitioner to boost your written affirmation with energy the next time you go for a treatment."
Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/239002-reiki-weight-loss/#ixzz1Kb8Buk8I
See Reiki God's Love
Reiki treatments can be applied to depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns, and can also be sent by distance.  Reiki can also be applied to the following:

  • Diamond Reiki:  a healer with Kundalini attunement will have an etheric diamond place in their crown chakra through which their Reiki healing energy will flow, taking on the diamond's properties, strengthening the healing energy.

    Crystalline Reiki: traumatic events in life which have not been healed leave deposits of crystals in the body which can be healed with Reiki.  Cannot be given as a distance healing.  Requires 2 healing sessions.

    DNA Reiki: DNA strands can be healed and strengthened to heal negative inherited genetics and diseases, with 1 Reiki session.

    Birth Trauma Reiki: being born is the most severe trauma which can be healed "hands-on" or remotely with 1 Reiki treatment.

    Location Reiki: we may have karmic bonds with locations on the earth which can be healed with 1 "hands-on" or remote Reiki treatment.

    Past Life Reiki: Reiki can be applied "hands-on" or remotely to heal blockages from earlier lives. Requires 3 sessions.

    Self-Love Reiki:  Self love is something that we have all dealt with on some level or another.  Self-love Reiki helps you to learn how to love yourself and at the same time, it  helps you to accept that nobody is perfect, everyone has imperfections and  faults.

    Guardian Angel Reiki: Angel Reiki combines Reiki and the Angels. The Angels are called upon to assist with healing. Angels are both manifesters of God and personifications of that power. They generally do not interact with humans unless they are asked to. Guardian Angels and Archangels so take a particular interest in us humans through assisting and strengthening us.

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