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  • VISION: Set your weight loss intention, use law of attraction, maintain your motivation
  • SOUL FOOD: Replace dieting and negative food behaviors with focus on spiritually inspired nutrition
  • POSITIVE: Change your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • RELEASE: Release shadow of toxic / negatives beliefs and self-talk
  • HEAL: heal your food allergies, food and sugar addiction and emotional trauma
  • RISE UP: Raise the quality and vibration of the food you eat
  • MOVE: Start Exercising, connect your Body, Mind, Spirit
  • LIGHT BODY: Remember you are a light body.
  • PRACTICE: Spiritual practices, therapies, groups and techniques that support your growth
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Food Allergy - Addiction

Did you know that you can crave what you are actually allergic to?

"It is often the case that the foods people are most addicted to are the foods they are most allergic to. While a food allergy may come without addiction, food addiction is almost always accompanied by an allergy. So food addicts are not only addicted to the food they crave, but they are very often allergic to it as well. The phrase coined to describe this phenomenon is "allergy-addiction syndrome."

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/15012-what-is-the-allergy-addiction-syndrome/#ixzz1L9rDdLKO"

"There are two kinds of allergies. The kind of food allergies you have
commonly heard of are an IgE (immunoglobulin E) reaction. As soon as
you eat the food, you might swell up or get hives. Most people know
if they are allergic to a food this way- presumably from a "bad
experience" with it. Or, they have had skin "scratch tests" done to
determine these allergies.

However, delayed food allergies/sensitivities involve a DIFFERENT
antibody- IgG (immunoglobulin G). These will not show up on a
"scratch test", but can be determined through a blood test. IgG
reactions are not immediate. It can take several hours or days to
have symptoms from this reaction. By then, you have usually eaten
many other foods- so you have no idea what caused the symptoms. You
may get headaches all the time, but the times or foods you ate just
before the headache are always different, so you never attribute the
food to the symptom. "  source

Food Addiction, Food Allergy and Overweight
Sephen Levine, Ph. D.

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