A work in progress, collecting metaphysical approaches to becoming the weight your spirit was meant to be!
  • START with by making connections with others
  • VISION: Set your weight loss intention, use law of attraction, maintain your motivation
  • SOUL FOOD: Replace dieting and negative food behaviors with focus on spiritually inspired nutrition
  • POSITIVE: Change your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • RELEASE: Release shadow of toxic / negatives beliefs and self-talk
  • HEAL: heal your food allergies, food and sugar addiction and emotional trauma
  • RISE UP: Raise the quality and vibration of the food you eat
  • MOVE: Start Exercising, connect your Body, Mind, Spirit
  • LIGHT BODY: Remember you are a light body.
  • PRACTICE: Spiritual practices, therapies, groups and techniques that support your growth
  • Recommended Books

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Monday, May 2, 2011


Hypothyroidism: Weight gain is the most commonly observed symptom of hypothyroidism, (a glandular disorder resulting from insufficient production of thyroid hormones). Estrogen and thyroid hormones have opposing actions, hence, estrogen hormone being more dominant interferes with the thyroid hormone activity causing hypothyroidism which eventually leads to weight gain."  http://www.buzzle.com/articles/estrogen-and-weight-gain.html

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