A work in progress, collecting metaphysical approaches to becoming the weight your spirit was meant to be!
  • START with by making connections with others
  • VISION: Set your weight loss intention, use law of attraction, maintain your motivation
  • SOUL FOOD: Replace dieting and negative food behaviors with focus on spiritually inspired nutrition
  • POSITIVE: Change your thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • RELEASE: Release shadow of toxic / negatives beliefs and self-talk
  • HEAL: heal your food allergies, food and sugar addiction and emotional trauma
  • RISE UP: Raise the quality and vibration of the food you eat
  • MOVE: Start Exercising, connect your Body, Mind, Spirit
  • LIGHT BODY: Remember you are a light body.
  • PRACTICE: Spiritual practices, therapies, groups and techniques that support your growth
  • Recommended Books

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

women to women

most popular resources on weight loss

To access an article, just choose from the list of excerpts below. To find more articles, use the search function below. Don’t see a topic that’s important to you? Let us know.
  • Core Balance Diet
    Many women who struggle with excess weight wonder why they can’t seem to lose it. Marcelle Pick talks about the reasons for toxic weight gain and how to heal core imbalances so you can lose weight.
  • Natural weight loss
    If you want your weight loss to last, you have to shed those unwanted pounds “from the inside out.” Here is our effective holistic approach — including the vital emotional piece.
  • Emotional eating
    Understand the emotional underpinnings that lie at the foundation of our eating patterns — both healthy and unhealthy. Learn the signs of emotional eating and take the first step to address and reverse its adverse effects.

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